Interview with John Hopkins, Bluefin – Raindance Film Festival 2017

Share now: interviews John Hopkins, the writer and director of the movie “Bluefin” at the 25th Raindance film festival in London, UK.

Production Team

Nigel A. Messenger

Tui McLean

Video Editor:
Alexander N. Messenger

Camera Operator:
Michael McKenna


About the movie “Bluefin”

John Hopkins must see documentary is making a splash into the world of bluefin tuna fishing, calling for a global re-engineering of our thinking regarding our destructive relationship with ocean wildlife. Not just environmentally concerned, as a social issue film, Bluefin looks at how we are “wired” not to think of tuna as wildlife as you would a whale or panda bear but only as “food.” The film features passionate fishermen and scientists, including New York Times Best Selling author Carl Safina, also an award-winning ocean ecologist. Hopkins Bluefin has been nominated for Best Documentary Feature at Raindance Film Festival, and has been acclaimed at 15 other international film festivals, often selling out venues.

Endangered giant bluefin tuna have returned to Prince Edward Island, Canada in surprising abundance after a complete disappearance from overfishing. But something strange is going on, as the normally wary tuna no longer fear humans.

Director John Hopkins, has won over 20 Canadian and international awards, specializes in directing, writing, cinematography for documentary, drama, commercial spots, and factual programming. His films and work as a Director and DP have been broadcast on CTV, CBC, Bravo, Arte, TVO, Documentary Channel, and Discovery Channel. Hopkins’ company, Square Deal Productions Atlantic Inc., is an established Canadian based production company offering highly original stories, and strong character driven creative, and visual productions.

Nominated for Best Feature Documentary at Raindance, this wonderful film, commissioned and produced by the National Film Board of Canada, won the Wildlife Award at the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival and the Best Atlantic Filmmaker Award at Lunenburg DocFest. It was selected for the Atlantic Film Festival, and had its US Premiere in the prestigious Social Justice Competition at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.