Only a vampire would know the answer to this question | 🎥 Dudley Do-Right

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Nell Fenwick (Sarah Jessica Parker) returns from traveling the world and pays Dudley Do-Right (Brendan Fraser), who believes he has been hunting vampires, a visit.

Film Synopsis:
Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Alfred Molina star in the hilarious adventures of the young, accident-prone Royal Canadian Mountie known as Dudley Do-Right. Dastardly Snidely Whiplash (Molina) launches a fake gold rush as part of his devious plan to take over the world. Thousands of would-be millionaires stream over the border and into town, and, as a result, bumbling Dudley (Fraser) loses his job. Stripped of his badge, his office and his ladylove, our mild-mannered (and somewhat dim-witted) hero sets out on a mission to defeat the villain, win the heart of the fair maiden and bring peace back to the Semi-Happy Valley.

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Cast: Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alfred Molina, Eric Idle, Robert Prosky, Alex Rocco
Produced By: John Davis, J. Todd Harris, Joseph Singer
Directed By: Hugh Wilson

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