Rebels Recon #2.09: Inside “The Future of the Force” | Star Wars Rebels

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In this installment of Rebels Recon, goes behind the scenes of the Star Wars Rebels episode “The Future of the Force,” with creator interviews and much more.’s Andi Gutierrez first sits down with executive producer Dave Filoni. In “The Future of the Force,” the Inquisitors abduct Force-sensitive children. What happens to them? “Nothing I can show on Disney XD,” Filoni says. The story hearkens back to the Clone Wars episode “Children of the Force,” where Palpatine also kidnapped Jedi-to-be. Co-executive producer Henry Gilroy points out that Ezra is finally experiencing the true evil of the Sith.

This episode also sees Ahsoka unleash her power. “I could have had that fight be all 22 minutes,” Filoni says. Her style is not flashy, but it’s powerful, and the Inquisitors were no match for her.

Finally, @Nolan2711 asks “How is time measured in the galaxy?” Only Pablo Hidalgo can answer…

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