Richard Pryor: Here and Now (1983) – Holidays at Home Movie Marathon

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Richard Pryor is sizzling hot in yet another hilarious film, RICHARD PRYOR – HERE AND NOW! This high-voltage comedy shot in New Orleans’ beautiful Sarenger Theater features the sensational Pryor in his prime, with his newest and most inventive material. Sharp, witty commentaries are delivered with a unique, piercing humor. But the fun doesn’t stop here. Pryor continues to delight his audiences with uproarious tales of politics, sex, and drugs! This magnificent stand-up comic takes charge on stage with an electrifying style and an unequalled comedic genius. RICHARD PRYOR – HERE AND NOW provides a rare glimpse at one of the most amazing and quick-witted comedians of today in an incredibly funny performance guaranteed to rock you with side-splitting laughter!

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