Seeing Saw: The Official Saw Podcast – Series 2, Episode 2 – The world of Saw | The game is real

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The world of Saw | The game is real

Saw is no longer just a film franchise, it’s a whole world. There are 10 Saw films, a Saw rollercoaster, a Saw Escape Experience and a huge, global network of Saw fans, all deeply passionate about the 21st century’s greatest horror villain.

In this episode of Seeing Saw, film critics and Saw fans Catherine Bray and Anna Bogutskaya meet members of the Saw community who have all influenced the franchise’s form and fandom. You’ll hear from the designer of the official Saw Escape Experience, content creators obsessed with Saw – including @JiggySawGirl – and the series’ producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules.

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Saw X releases in cinemas from September 29 in the USA, UK and worldwide.

Catch-up on the previous films in the franchise, available on all major digital retailers including Amazon, iTunes, and SkyStore , or on DVD and Blu-ray.

Bailey aka @JiggySawGirl’s discussion of her involvement in the filming of Saw X comes with the following disclaimer: “This campaign was agreed upon before the strikes and all aspects have been cleared by SAG AFTRA.”

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