STUDIOCANAL PRESENTS: THE PODCAST – Episode 9 – Dead of Night and The Queen of Spades

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It’s chilly times in the world of the STUDIOCANAL Presents podcast this time around, as we dig into some ghostly tales to spend the dark nights with.

Critic, historian and author Pamela Hutchinson joins host Simon Brew to dig into two British horror favourites. 1945’s Dead Of Night sets them off talking about chilling mannequins and novelty golf shots. Then, 1949’s The Queen Of Spades comes under the microscope, and puts them off playing games of cards.

Both films are available on the STUDIOCANAL Presents channel, on Apple TV and Prime Video. What’s more, The Queen Of Spades is now available too in a new DVD and Blu-ray set. Just don’t watch it with the lights off…