The Barkers: Mind the Cats! (2024) Official Trailer – Courtney Shaw, Wayne Grayson

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The Barkers: Mind the Cats! – Watch the trailer now! On Demand and On Digital April 30. Starring Courtney Shaw, Wayne Grayson, Jessica Paquet, Tom Wayland, Erica Schroeder, Samantha Cooper, Laurie Hymes, and Mike Pollock.

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Meet the Barkers, a family of talking, dancing, trouble-making dogs! When the five Barker pups stay with Grandpa for the summer, poor Kid can’t find anyone to play with: his sisters are starstruck and lovestruck, and inventor Alex is making a jet pack so Max can become a social-media star. When two naughty cats decide to steal the jet pack, they play nice with lonely Kid and the other Barkers as they plot their caper. Your family will be thrilled when you bring home these playful pooches!