The Guv’nor – Trailer – On DVD & Digital Download 10th October

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▶ In Cinemas for one night only: 7th October
▶ On DVD, Blu-ray & Digital Download 10th October
▶ Starring: Lenny McLean, Jamie McLean, Martin Askew, Guy Ritchie, Jason Flemyng and Decca Heggie
▶ Directed by: Paul Van Carter

The life of famed East End luminary Lenny McLean gets a touching, personal treatment in The Guv’nor. Famous (and infamous) as a bareknuckle boxer, bouncer and enforcer in the ‘60s, Lenny’s journey from unlicensed fighter to best-selling author and star of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels is also the story of a working class man from Hoxton weathering the changing decades before his untimely death in 1998. Director Paul Van Carter follows Lenny’s son, Jamie, as he explores his father’s story from his troubled upbringing to stardom. Along the way we meet a variety of character that knew him best, from East London legends through to Hollywood director, Guy Ritchie. What emerges is a picture of a complex, troubled and driven family man.

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