The Sting | Paul Newman Cons a Con Man in a High-Stakes Poker Game in 4K HDR

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Henry Gondorff (Paul Newman) boards the 20th Century Limited, poses as drunkard Shaw, and cons crime boss Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw) out of $15,000 in a high-stakes poker game… while both of them are cheating at cards! Watch this thrilling scene from the 7-time Oscar winner The Sting, presented for the first time ever in 4K HDR.

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Winner of 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, The Sting stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford as two con men in 1930s Chicago. After a friend is killed by the mob, they try to get even by attempting to pull off the ultimate “sting.” No one is to be trusted as the twists unfold, leading up to one of the greatest double-crosses in movie history. The con is on!

© 1973 Universal Pictures. All Rights Reserved.
Cast: Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Robert Shaw
Produced by: Tony Bill, Julia Phillips, Robert L. Crawford, Richard D. Zanuck, Michael Phillips
Directed by: George Roy Hill