Agent Cody Banks (2003) – Q&A with Angie Harmon

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Angie Harmon plays the role of Ronica Miles.


Tell us about your fantastic wardrobe in AGENT CODY BANKS?

I know. We seem to have just made a huge impression with these outfits, and trust me when I tell you that we did not mean to.

So really, when you were putting them on, you didn’t like go…

Well yes, we thought these were great – this will be fabulous. But we didn’t think that it would be such a … I mean a lot of people really noticed them.

And obviously the director is really into fashion, because he said to us that he had been saving these outfits and we all laughed. And he said, no seriously, I have been saving all these outfits.

Like I said before, we went after an M appealesque kind of thing, but we wanted it to be in the future as well – so like 60’s in the future.

Now you do love action movies. I was wondering with so many, finally, good movies for women of action. Was that kind of in the back of your mind, that this might make you a forerunner in these action movies?

Oh no, I didn’t think of that at all. Do you think? (Laughter). It was just one of those things where we had a lot of action in it and I wanted to do all of mine. It’s funny because I don’t really feel like I am doing a lot of stunts. You know, people come in and say we understand that you did all your own stunt work. And I say, well it didn’t really feel like stunts. We had a great group of stunt men and our safety teams were incredible. You don’t really feel, even though I was hanging precariously off a crane at 30 feet in the air, it doesn’t feel like it’s in any way, shape or form a stunt. You are just up there and you are in and you are ok.

I’ve got to explain to you that to the average person, doing those kicks and stuff – it’s not in my repertoire!

No? (Laughter)

Is that something that you just have the skill, and you knew how to do it?

I think so. I mean, I am fairly athletic so it just kind of came naturally. It was really easy to learn and it was one of those things where I wanted to do it myself. And Frankie and I just beat the hell out of each other, so that was fun.

What was it like working with a young, tiny adolescent?

It was fabulous, I love him so much.

Did you have to keep him at arms length, to keep him from accidentally falling into you?

No, we let him do that on purpose. I think Frankie appreciates what’s happening to him, you know what I mean. And he comes from a very gracious and grateful place, so that’s what makes him so likeable. As I’m sure you have experienced, there are some child actors that … it’s funny, because you can tell they think “well, I make this much money and I can just treat you the way I want to”. Well, you won’t be liked, so if that doesn’t bother you, go right ahead. But, Frankie is not that way, in any shape or form. He’s very sweet and kind and caring.

I just wonder, you obviously get offered movies and you don’t make lots and lots, but what was it about this one in particular that sparked your interest?

I think what struck me most about this one was the script at first, the writing is very fun and the characters are a lot of fun, but it’s mostly a family film. I don’t actually think I really realized that until I had gotten there and you start looking at what Harald was doing and how visual he truly is and it became one of those things where, you know, “Oh, this isn’t just for kids, the adults are going to like it too,” and apparently they do.

This is actually as we said at the start, for the DVD release. I wonder whether you are particularly a DVD fan, and having worked on this movie is there anything that you’d like to see on the DVD, are you interested in behind the scenes things?

I love behind the scenes, but I love the gag roles the most, those are my favorite. I mean if we can get like every mistake that we did; because Frankie and I have so many in there and I think that’s what’s fun about making a movie like this, is that it’s light-hearted and you know very, very funny. We had stunt guys that wouldn’t move and like my cue would be to be taken off of them and one poor guy didn’t hear his cue so he just stood there in front and I just ran behind him and I was like “You just stay right there, I’m gonna go save the world, okay bye” and just ran passed him you know. Frankie and I have a moment together where we’re looking over a rock trying to scope out the bad guys and we had to peek over the rock, so we’re supposed to come up like this [motioning with hands coming up together] and go back down, and we couldn’t get it together so we just kept doing this [motioning with hands one up, one down] and then we couldn’t stop laughing, then Harald’s laughing and the crew’s laughing and it was hilarious, we had a really, really good time.

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