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Do you hate spiders? Well, they hate you too!

So, you want to know more about giant-sized spiders? Are you sure? Prepare for your imagination to run wild and live the EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS experience! They're scary in normal spider proportions with claws, eyes all over their bodies and death-tricks to catch their prey. Just imagine if they mutated into massive creatures and you were dinner


The Black Widow is 15 times more poisonous than a rattlesnake.
After mating the female eats the male.
If the Black Widow was as big as a human its venom would wipe out a whole continent!
It would also outlive us all by 100 years.


If the Orb Weaver was the size of a human she'd spin an intricate trap 60 meters long.
Orb weaver spiders come out at night to catch their prey - another reason to be afraid of the dark!
The Orb Weaver would hear your vibrations from over 100 meters away. Before you know it you'd be cocooned in a web the size of an Olympic swimming pool!


The Jumping Spider can leap 40 times its own body length. If it were human size it could leap over 10 double decker buses!
The Jumping Spider has four eyes and would see you 30 meters away - an easy jump.


The Trapdoor Spider has rows of spines on its jaws to dig burrows, which it seals a trapdoor.
It has eight eyes and three claws at the end of each leg.
If it were human sized its trapdoor would be impossible to escape - the spider holds the trapdoor shut with its fangs until it senses something moving near the lid. It springs out, grabs you, and drags you into its burrow.


The Spitting Spider is yellow and brown and spits on its prey.
If it were human-sized it could spit the length of 4 volvo estates.
It is a hunter spider and has six eyes to watch your every move.


Tarantulas are enormous and hairy.
If it were human size its legs would be 3 meters long.
Imagine its massive two claws at the end of each leg coming to clinch you at night when it hunts!