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HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME - Biography of Adrian Paul

Adrian Paul (Duncan MacLeod)

Adrian Paul takes his long-running role as the immortal Duncan MacLeod into a new realm in HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME, teaming up for the first time with fellow clan member Connor MacLeod, played by Christopher Lambert.

In 1992, Paul became part of HIGHLANDER legend when he took up took up the warrior's dagger as Duncan MacLeod and expanded the HIGHLANDER fan-base to millions of television viewers across the globe with the syndicated series. His portrait of the impeccably romantic, masterfully athletic and philosophically intense protege of Connor MacLeod only expanded on the popular mythos. Like Duncan MacLeod, the qualities of persistence and focus have played a large part in Paul's success.

Adrian Paul was born to an Italian mother and British father in London, England. He grew up with two equal passions: Shakespeare and soccer, going on to play on a semi-professional team. Later, Paul traveled throughout Europe where he modeled, danced and became a choreographer versed in jazz and ballet. He went on to study various forms of karate and kung fu, especially Choy il fut and hung gar, which proved invaluable in his role as Duncan MacLeod.

Paul landed his first acting role on the ABC hit series THE COLBYS, playing Nikolai, the Russian dancer. Other roles soon followed in -such projects as the off-Broadway play "Bouncers," "Last Rites," "Mask of the Red Death" and "Love Potion Number 9," as well as guest appearances in such special television shows as MURDER SHE WROTE, DARK SHADOWS and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. He was also a series regular on WAR OD THE WORLDS.

Paul has also established himself as a talented director, making his debut in the fourth season of HIGHLANDER and going on to direct some of the show's most beloved episodes, including the 100th episode.

Most recently, Adrian Paul starred in the feature films SUSAN'S PLAN, CONVERGENCE and portrayed Lancelot in the motion picture MERLIN: THE RETURN.