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HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME - More cast biographies

Bruce Payne (Kell)

Kell, the most invincible immortal in history, is played by Bruce Payne. Payne's extensive film credits include many fantasy thrillers and action adventures, from his best-known role as the villainous Charles Rane in PASSENGER 57 to roles in FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY, SWEEPERS, WARLOCK III: THE END OF INNOCENCE and HOWLING VI: THE FREAKS. He will next be seen in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS.

Born and raised in England - and trained on the British stage -- Payne works equally in film and television on both sides of the Atlantic. Among his television credits are CLEOPATRA, BRITTANIC, THE CISCO KID, FULL ECLIPSE and YELLOTHREAD STREET.

Lisa Barbuscia (Faith)

Lisa Barbuscia plays both the hard-edged Faith, the woman Duncan MacLeod loved and betrayed, and her alter-ego in time: Kate, a 17th century beauty who fell in love with a swordsman and lost her mortality.

A rising star in both music and film, Barbuscia is a graduate of New York's prestigious High School of Music and Performing Arts. Her mix of Irish, Italian and Puerto Rican roots launched her early career as a top international model, doing shoots with Elle and Vogue and holding a contract with Guess Jeans. Barbuscia's film credits to date include ALMOST HEROES with Matthew Perry and Chris Farley; and THE SERPENT'S LAIR opposite Jeff Fahey. She will next be seen in the highly anticipated BRIDGET JONES' DIARY starring opposite Hugh Grant and Renee Zellweger.

As a singer, Barbuscia has released three dance hit singles: "Glam," "Fascinated" and "You & Me," which soared up the UK dance charts. She is currently working on an album with producers Magnes Fiennes ("The All Saints") and Guy Sigsworth (Bjork).

An active animal rights supporter, Barbuscia organized a campaign while shooting HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME to help the over 300,000 stray dogs in Bucharest, Romania.

Donnie Yen (Jin Ke/Martial Arts Choreographer)

One of the martial arts rising new stars, actor, choreographer and film director Donnie Yen stars as the honorable and conflicted immortal Jin Ke, who possesses unusual fighting skills. These skills were choreographed along with other visceral and inventive HIGHLANDER: END GAME fight sequences by Yen himself.

Born in the Chinese province of Canton, Yen moved to Hong Kong at the age of two. He then moved to Boston where his mother, Bow Sim-Mark -- a world-famous Wushu and Tai Chi Master -- ran the internationally known Chinese Wushu Research Institute. Trained extensively in martial arts almost as soon as he could walk, Yen quickly became a skilled fighter. At the same time, he began to fall in love with the films of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Fu Sheng, Ti Lung and others.

As a teenager, Yen returned to Beijing to spend two years with the renowned Beijing Wushu Team, becoming the first foreigner accepted at the school. He then journeyed to Hong Kong where he met film director Woo-ping Yuen, the action choreographer for the hit film THE MATRIX and the man who launched Jackie Chan's career. The director was looking for a new kung fu movie hero and cast Yen, who went on to become the star of such films as DRUNKEN TAI CHI, IRON MONKEY, the comedy MISMATCHED COUPLES and the TIGER CAGE series - some of the most influential martial arts films of recent times. Yen was then chosen to star opposite Jet Li in Tsui Hark's classic ONCE UPON A TIM IN CHINA 2," creating duels that stand out as some of the most exciting and creatively choreographed action sequences of modern filmmaking. Yen garnered a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 1992 Hong Kong Film Awards in recognition of the role.

For many of these films, Yen choreographed innovative, realistic fights that exhibited extremely advanced skills from different traditions. He developed his own modern style of combat choreography, a sort of action ballet using a mixture of organic movement and shocking speed. By 1994, Yen had been credited as action director on several films including "Wing Chun," in which he co-starred with female martial arts sensation Michelle Yeoh. Yen also starred in and directed the action for two top-rated television shows - KUNG FU MASTER and FISTS OF FURY.

Yen made his feature film directorial debut with the critically acclaimed Hong Kong feature LEGEND OF THE WOLF, the surreal tale of a gangland hit man. He went on to direct BALLISTIC KISS, which went beyond martial arts to present imaginative gunplay and Yen's now-signature high kicks and daring editing. In 1998, Yen was nominated for the Best Young Director Award at the Yubari Foundation Film Festival in Japan. He is currently directing the German television series "Codename: The Puma" and has signed a three picture deal with Dimension Films.

Edge (Rogue Highwayman)

Edge (Adam Copeland) makes his film debut in HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME, bringing his enigmatic World Wide Wrestling Federation persona to the equally fierce and competitive world of the Highlander. Edge is one of the brightest young stars in the WWF. The 6' 4" Canadian superstar has excelled in both singles and tag-team action. He won the WWF's Intercontinental Title in his hometown of Toronto in July of 1999, dazzling audiences with his signature finishing move, "The Downward Spiral." Edge is a three-time WWF Tag Team Champion with his brother Christian and as of August 2000 - still holds that title. He is a member of the Brood and Ministry of Darkness. Edge has participated in Wrestlemania 2000, Wrestlemania XV 1999, and makes weekly appearances on WWF SMACKDOWN! and RAW IS WAR.