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1982 - Producers Bill Panzer and Peter Davis receive a rough script about an immortal Scot; the script, the senior thesis of writer Greg Widen, is called HIGHLANDER. It introduces the notion of a secret tribe who live forever, gaining strength and wisdom over the millennia by battling one another to the death. According to this first HIGHLANDER legend, in the end there can only be one immortal.

1985 - The original HIGHLANDER is shot in England, under the direction of rising music video director Russell Mulcahy, using a dog biscuit factory as a stand-in for a main studio. The film stars Christopher Lambert, Virginia Madsen and Sean Connery. HIGHLANDER's breathtaking imagery, wild time-leaps, innovative action, classic, romantic tale-weaving and the appeal of Christopher Lambert's character begin to win over fans - and influence a rebirth of the fantasy genre

1985 - HIGHLANDER becomes the highest-grossing feature film of the year in France

1986 - HIGHLANDER released in the U.S.

1991 - The continuing worldwide popularity of HIGHLANDER leads to a feature film sequel: "Highlander II: The Quickening."

1993 - Season one of the HIGHLANDER television series begins. The television show introduces a new member of the immortal Clan MacLeod, and a new star: Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod. The critically acclaimed series goes on to win a Gemini nomination for Best Dramatic Series, and runs for six seasons, each one raising the bar for intensity, complexity and action in a television series. Soon, more than 10 million viewers in 90 countries worldwide tune into Duncan's stirring adventures each week

1994 - A third feature film sequel, HIGHLANDER: THE FINAL DIMENSION, is released.

1998 - A spin-off TV series, HIGHLANDER: THE RAVEN, about a female immortal, begins.

1999 - The HIGHLANDER television series enters its final season but the fan base continues to grow. Multiple HIGHLANDER catalogs now sell merchandise ranging from soundtracks to clothing, special edition swords and memorabilia.

2000 - Combining the spirit of the first HIGHLANDER feature film with the adventurous tale-telling of the television series, producers Peter Davis and Bill Panzer bring forth the final installment in the story: HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME, starring Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul, and marking the directorial debut of Doug Aarniokoski. Now there are two Highlanders, but the end is near.