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HOME ON THE RANGE - Q&A with Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr is the former stand-up comedy star who became a television phenomenon. Her award-winning ROSEANNE TV series has been broadcast worldwide. She has also won acclaim for her portrayal of The Wicked Witch Of The West in a staged production of The Wizard Of Oz. On the big screen Roseanne has appeared in SHE-DEVIL, EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES and LOOK WHO'S TALKING TOO. She plays the voice of Maggie in HOME ON THE RANGE which also features Dame Judi Dench, Jennifer Tilly, Randy Quaid and Cuba Gooding Jr.

What was your reaction when they asked you to play a cow called Maggie in HOME ON THE RANGE?

ROSEANNE BARR: My agent called and said there was a Disney animated movie and I was so excited. Then he was kind of afraid to tell me that it was actually the voice of a cow. He thought I was going to freak out. But I said great. So I went to read for it and they liked me and then I found out who else was in it and it was awesome.

Were you happy with how the cow looked?

ROSEANNE BARR: Yeah. When I first went in to read it was a clay model and I asked if that was me. And when they said yes, I said well OK.

What did you think of the process of doing a voice in an animated movie?

ROSEANNE BARR: It reminded me a lot of stand-up comedy because it was delivering lines. But there was acting in there too and I really liked that.

Did you improvise at all?

ROSEANNE BARR: Yeah they let me do that. They were real free with me and if they liked it they would keep it. Although I don't remember which lines.

Did you start to notice the animators introducing bits of your character into the cartoon creation?

ROSEANNE BARR: Yeah when I saw it I noticed that she kind of curls her lip when she delivers the punch line just like I do. It was just amazing the things that they did. They filmed us while we were saying the lines. But yes I see a lot of my mannerisms in her.

Have you got your own model of Maggie at home?

ROSEANNE BARR: Yes they gave it to me.

Your TV show is still seen all over the world. Why do you think you have such universal appeal?

ROSEANNE BARR: Because I'm so sexy I think. It's the pure animal sex drive thing.

Didn't you once say that President Bush was hot?

ROSEANNE BARR: Yes but I've changed my mind. But I think I really said he was cute, I never say hot. I sort of had a crush on him but that was years ago. I'm over it.

What helped you get over it?

ROSEANNE BARR: His various politics. I sort of thought he wasn't so cute after a while. But I don't want tax problems.

What's the best thing about being a grandmother?

ROSEANNE BARR: Learning to be less desperate and angry and being more connected. My four year-old grandson - he calls me granny - saw the movie and he was quite impressed. He knew it was my voice. I have an eight year-old son and he was impressed too. So were his friends.

Don't you think you're too young to be a grandmother?

ROSEANNE BARR: Well I think that I'm hip and sexy and young looking. I had my first baby when I was 19 years old, so I'm the perfect age to be a granny. I wish I had more grandchildren. My oldest daughter is getting married. I pressured her until she finally said "When I am ready to get married and have children I will let you know. I want you to stop bringing the subject up."

What advice did you give your daughter on marriage?

ROSEANNE BARR: As my other daughter said, "Mother, you are the last person on earth I would ever come to for any sort of relationship advice." I don't have a good track record there, although they do like my current boyfriend. I finally figured it out a little bit. I didn't know that when you liked them that you should be nice to them. I had a lot of wrong thinking. So I'm nice now and I think oh my God no wonder no one liked me, I wasn't nice.

Are you mellowing now?

ROSEANNE BARR: Yeah I have mellowed definitely, or ripened. I am more in control of my emotions.

You wrote in your book if a woman told the truth about her life the world would split apart?

ROSEANNE BARR: That is not my quote it's something I read and put in my book. I remember reading that quote and going my God that's an awesome thing.

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