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LEFT BEHIND: THE MOVIE - Biography of Brad Johnson

After, fourteen movies and three television shows, Brad Johnson likens himself to a piece in the puzzle of the storytelling process that allows writers and directors to tell their stories. It is this modesty and quiet strength that has critics comparing him to John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and James Stewart. Acclaimed Hollywood writer and director, John Milius (APOCALYPSE NOW, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) states in People Magazine "He's in that Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda mold. He's got a different quality than the guys today."

Johnson's major screen debut began with Roger Corman, who cast him to star in NAM ANGELS. Around the same time, Steven Spielberg discovered him and offered Johnson a coveted role in ALWAYS, as the flyer who replaces Richard Dreyfuss in Holly Hunter's affections. When asked about her ALWAYS co-star, Holly Hunter described Brad as "All twisted steel and sex appeal." The Spielberg film led John Milius and Paramount to put him back into the pilot's seat in the major release FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER.

Brad, is back again on the big screen, in a dramatically challenging and complex role, in the apocalyptic thriller LEFT BEHIND: THE MOVIE based on the The New York Times best selling novel by the same name. In it, he plays the airline captain Rayford Steele who is piloting a plane when several passengers suddenly disappear. Confused by the events, Steele soon finds out that his wife and son have also vanished. Steele joins forces with his feisty 20 year-old daughter to find out what has happened.