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Movie Interview by Neils Hesse

Carol Lynley played Nonnie Parry in THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, which was released in 1972. Fox Home Entertainment are releasing the original film as a Special Edition DVD - 29 May 2006.

Carol what did you love most about the original POSEIDON ADVENTURE?

Well we didn't think that it would be as big as it turned out to be, or that it would keep on going for so long but hey I guess you never know! I have seen the new movie and I will give them an A for effort! I don't think anybody wakes up in the morning saying that they're going to make a bad movie! I am trying to be polite. You never know when I might need these people for work!

Is there anything about your character in the movie that you would have liked to change?

I would have liked her to be more like me! I am not whiny! But it worked well for the character, and the producers wanted her to be sensitive, so I guess that's what you the audience got.

What do you think about remakes?

Well Jodie Foster remade BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING, and that wasn't bad. I've been in a couple of remakes. I like remakes and I would say that there are basically seven stories that are constantly reworked, and the first person who comes up with the eighth one will be a millionaire so please send him to me!

Did you watch THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE back then or did you see it later on?

I saw the film last week for the first time.

What was it like working with all those stars?

It was great to work with all of those stars. If I were ever on a boat that capsized I would pray to have a whole bunch of movie stars with me!

Did you do your own singing in the film?

I worked with someone and I learnt the song and I recorded it. But then the studio wanted to release it as a single and when I went into the music studio some guy wanted me to sing it differently and I disagreed with him so they got Maureen McGovern to do it and she's a great singer! So when the song won an Oscar I thought that I would get mentioned but no it didn't happen! So I honestly don't know whose recording is in the film and who really cares, it was 35 years ago! Irwin [Irwin Allen - producer] could be very secretive, so he never told me and if he told you then tell him to call me!

Are you into these big blockbuster movies of today?

I'm not into them but I am a film buff. At the moment I'm watching MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, SYRIANA, GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK and I love CHICKEN LITTLE, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and BOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD.