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So what's this movie about?

ALEXA VEGA: Well, it's about teenage girls having to grow up and deal with regular teenage things. My character, Julie, decides to have a sleepover and she and her friends go on a scavenger hunt to win a place at the cool lunch spot when they get to high school. I have to get a guy at a club to buy me a drink, and raid Sean's house and steal his boxers!

What about you Sean?

SEAN FARIS: I play Steve Phillips. He's a guy at school and her love interest.

ALEXA VEGA: He's the cutie in the movie.

SEAN FARIS: But he's just a cool guy. He doesn't care about the popularity contest in school. He just wants to do his own thing and meet a cool girl.

How do you define coolness?

ALEXA VEGA: It's about being yourself. People who try too hard just seem kind of phoney. I think it's a great moral for kids of all ages, boys and girls, that being yourself is definitely awesome. Julie is very insecure but she grows in confidence throughout the movie. She learns that you don't have to sit at a certain place in school, or hang out with a certain crowd to be cool. By the end, she believes in herself - and that's something all girls need to learn how to do.

What are the issues that 14 year-old girls have to deal with?

SEAN FARIS: Oh man, high school is such a popularity contest, it's all about who's cool and who's not. You don't realise at the time that you don't need to worry about impressing anybody else, just yourself. When you're there, high school is the whole world and what everyone thinks of you matters too much. It's only when you get out and start living your life that it gets really cool.

Alexa, how did you cope with the action scenes?

ALEXA VEGA: I knew the skateboard work would be easy for me, because I'm a tomboy at heart. I ride skateboards, I run cross-country, I swim, I play water polo. I think it was harder for me doing the girly-girl stuff like dressing up and wearing grown-up shoes all the time, but I also liked the fact I had to wear a dress. I feel the story is about transformation, and my character had a lot of transforming to do for one night!

Was it difficult being in almost every scene?

ALEXA VEGA: It's quite intimidating knowing that you kind of have to carry the film, but I had a great cast to help me out the whole way. It is a little scary I have to admit because you never know how the audience is going to react to it. Everybody's different and everybody's going to have their own opinions. I just hope most people like it! It is a fun chick flick.

How would you describe the film?

SEAN FARIS: It's a love story and a teen comedy that will make you laugh. It is a movie loaded with chicks, gags and action so worth checking out!

ALEXA VEGA: I think people my age will enjoy it because it is something they can truly relate to. Growing up is something everyone has to deal with. This is also a pure comedy about love, friendship, family and a little bit of danger. Let's call it a love-action-comedy!

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