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Movie Interview by Neils Hesse

With David Soul (Hutch), Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) and Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear)

Paul, were you surprised by the news that a movie was being made?

I was surprised that the TV series was popular itself, but after that it went on to become more popular over the years and thus it seemed eventually that they would turn it into a movie.

David how was the whole popularity thing for you considering that you also did TOP OF THE POPS [BBC TV series] with a number 1 single?

Well back then we were not compartmented, I was firstly a folk singer, then I did theatre then TV, so then based on the popularity of the series I did my singing thing again.

Antonio why do you think that your character Huggy Bear was so cool?

As an actor you try and draw from life, as such I did not play the role to be cool, I tried to show what it took back then for a black man to survive. You did whatever it took to survive.

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: Oh put a lid on it.

Paul, Antonio and David, looking back was the whole series thing a blessing or a curse?

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: When you look back you can't see what is right in front of you so you eventually have an accident. It was an opportunity and we did the best we could and you just move on after that, there is no great epiphany.

ANTONIO FARGAS: You just roll the dice and take it from there.

DAVID SOUL: I once met Joanna Anderson and I asked her what the secret was to acting, she replied whatever you do just do it. So when you have the chance, just do it.

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: We all try to stay present and we were lucky as we were friends so that stayed present.

David is it true that in the opening sequence of the series where you jump from the roof, you hurt yourself?

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: It was very stupid of me, I decided to do a seat drop in mid air to show them all just how cool I was.

Paul and David, the change from drama to comedy in the film, was this good or bad?

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: This is 2004 there is a totally different sensibility from the 70's and this film also highlights the new guys comedic strengths, but they cannot do it exactly like the old one because they cannot recreate the 70's in every cinema goers life. It is well done and it tips its hat to the 70's and to the original series.

Were you disappointed by the lack of a car chase?

DAVID SOUL: No but it interesting how they mixed fact with fiction. Hutch did not sing in the series but I did in real life.

Paul, Antonio and David what do you think about the actors playing your characters from the series?

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: I like Ben's energy, he has great timing. I told him after we saw the film that I felt that he did a great job.

ANTONIO FARGAS: Snoop is not an actor but he was as true to the character as he could be, he was present and he did good.

DAVID SOUL: Owen marches to his own drummer. Anyone who can talk that slow but still be watchable is great.

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: Ben and Owen are both also very decent people.

Why do you think the series is still appealing?

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: It is probably the friendship, the honesty and fun that the audience connects to.

What are you all doing now?

DAVID SOUL: Well I am doing my autobiography, recording some music and there is a documentary on me coming out on TV soon.

ANTONIO FARGAS: I am just hungry for knowledge, I go to acting class to go back to the roots of acting, I like watching my grandkids and my son and I like to know what is going on in the world.

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: I am doing what I do, I have been writing, acting and directing, and David and I want to do a project together, it will be very different from STARSKY AND HUTCH.

So was the friendship off and on screen really real?

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER jokingly: It was a lie, a big lie. I can't stand being around him. I hate him.

ANTONIO FARGAS: It was a special experience and we had a good time and even though we may not see much of each other our friendship grows and stays strong.

David do you have any political aspirations?

No not particularly but I do have some opinions on...

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER interrupts: Oh Jesus no. You as a politician everybody - would fall asleep. David is a passionate, caring and intelligent to the point that he bothers me sometimes if only he could keep his sentences shorter.

Paul how much did you really like the car?

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: I never liked it, I submitted to it. The first thing I said to David when I saw it was that I wanted to destroy it, run it down. I thought it was ridiculous - undercover cops in a red car with a white stripe. It looked like a tomato. Besides I don't like Ford.

What did you all take home with you from the show?

DAVID SOUL: I kept my friendship to Paul.

PAUL MICHAEL GLASER: How sweet, good for you.

ANTONIO FARGAS: I pretty much took anything that wasn't nailed down.