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Movie Interview by Neils Hesse
REESE WITHERSPOON talks about her latest movie SWEET HOME ALABAMA.

What did it feel like to have another hit?

It was a pleasant and exciting surprise.

What are the problems you encountered because of your southern background?

People assume that because you are from the South you must be ignorant of a lot of things, this is not true.

Did you dilute your accent?

Yes my agent advised me to lose my accent or never work again in the movie business.

How was the on screen Dempsey proposal in comparison to the real thing?

The real thing was very personal and touching.

How did it feel to punch Candice Bergman?

It felt good.

Do you have a career plan and do you like varied roles?

Yes I have an idea of my career and I like getting into the depths of each role, I prefer varied roles.

Explain your preparation process for your roles?

I like comedic roles with realistic moments that define situations so I draw a lot from real life experiences.

I like staying at home, I've never really been a party person.

Why the reluctance to do teen horror movies?

I do not particularly enjoy the thriller environment because of my past experiences.

Could you relate to the character in this film?

Yes the perception of the character by her old and new friends appealed to me.
Also the sense of family and community surrounding the character was equally appealing.

In the movie does your character give up her career for the man?

No, my view is that they both move back to New York.

Did you blow your audition with Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro and will you now snatch up all the Meg Ryan type roles?

Yes I failed the screen test, I shook right through it and in the end Mr De Niro had to finish my lines for me. In terms of roles I am interested in a lot of varied material.

Could you have ever envisaged the hit stature of LEGALLY BLONDE and the possibility of LEGALLY BLONDE 2?

No we did not know on both counts.

You are now involved in production so how long before you become a director?

Long way to go but for the moment I love what I do.

What was appearing on the SIMPSONS like?

It was a lot of fun playing Bart's first girlfriend.

Is it true that a friend of yours had a similar experience as your character in this film?

Actually it mirrors my own life, ithe character is very close to my personality.

You have been described as a mix of Meg Ryan and Jodie Foster, which is closer?

I admire both of them and I think that everyone is unique and good at what they do.

Is it true that you are shooting a movie by Mira Nair?

Yes , we are shooting in London.

Are you indifferent to fashion, and if so why do you still wear Armani, finally what do you do relax?

I love Armani, cooking, exercising and playing with my baby relaxes me.

What is your favourite dish?

I always cook chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and beans when people come over.