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TRANSFORMERS - Q&A with Megan Fox

What do you think of the film?

For me personally it's the sickest action film I've ever watched, so...

Tell us about the character you play.

Her name is Mikaela and she's just a high school kid, she's a popular girl in school who er, ends up sort of befriending the outcast which is his character Sam, but not really, when she sees him out one day and by happen, since you know he's being chased by Decepticon and she gets caught up in the middle of this, this war with him. And they have sort of like this unrequited love story that happens throughout the film.

Why is it unrequited?

The character just went through a break up like literally just five minutes before with her boyfriend so she's not really interested in any sort of attention from guys and she thinks that you know he might be a typical sleaze that's trying to pick up on her and she's not having that, but she finds out otherwise.

What's it like working amongst all the special effects?

It's unreal and it's unlike anything that I've ever experienced before because it is actually happening, everything really is on fire, things really are exploding.

Did you enjoy it?

It's fun. It was an amazing thing to get to watch, and to be on the sidelines seeing.

What did you think when you first saw the finished film?

I saw it in a small room with Michael, and even in that it was overwhelming. It was really good. I was very surprised at how, how great it turned out. I was really happy.

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