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TRANSFORMERS - Q&A with Rachael Taylor

What do you think is the appeal of this film?

It's not just a special effects movie and believe me they are dazzling special effects, it's a great story as well. You know Shia LaBeouf is extraordinary in the film, he's amazing and it's... there's something in it for everyone to enjoy. I think you know a film like this, which is sort of universal in its appeal, I think families are gonna love it, kids are gonna love it, adults are gonna love it You know like you said - the perfect summer movie.

What character do you play Rachael Taylor?

I play a young computer expert...

JON VOIGHT: She was going to play an old computer expert but er she decided - no let's go young this time...

RACHAEL TAYLOR: Yeah it was an inspirational idea of mine. And basically I'm played upon by Jon Voight's character who plays the Secretary of Defence to help him protect the human race while Transformers are sort of trashing the planet I suppose.

How did you ensure these characters were realistic?

I think Michael Bay is very respectful of the defence force and you know every effort is made in this film even though it is a fantastical other worldly story to [enview] it with a sense of reality. And I think it's very helpful to have advisors, you know the men and women of the military and you know computer experts on set advising me as well that sort of you know make the film a little more real.

Did you do anything to research your character?

I knew nothing about computers when I started the film but one thing that Steven Spielberg was really particular about was that I sit down with a real life code breaker so that was sort of thrilling as a young actor to be able to meet these young people in real life that are very, very smart and very, very passionate about what they do.

What is Michael like as a director?

The thing about Michael is that you know he has the skill and talent of a veteran filmmaker but at the same time he has the imagination of like an eight year-old boy, which I think is so clear in this film. I mean the vision that he has and you know the sense of childlike wonder that he has for the film making process was just very impressive to me.

Can you explain the storyline?

This film is about two duelling alien races and that's sort of how it starts and later on we discover that they're, you know Autobots and Decepticons and that they are fighting each other to protect their life force and human beings are essentially the components that get in the way I guess.

What do you think of Shia LaBeouf?

I am so impressed by what Shia LaBeouf has achieved in this film. I mean when you consider that he is acting opposite nothing essentially. The Transformers were put in after we shot the film and he builds an authentic emotional relationship with this one particular robot, Bumblebee, and I am just so impressed by him I think all the success that he has, has coming to him is just so deserved.

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