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TRANSFORMERS - Q&A with Shia LaBeouf

Tell us about your character.

Sam is um, a real sheltered individual who's, who's er, you know he lives this really suburban happy go lucky no problems type of lifestyle, never really experienced much, no life experience, extremely neurotic to like to a fault, not great with the ladies And his whole modus operandi, you know his whole priority number one is he's, he's in love with this girl, and er, and er, he's getting his first car, you know these are the big things that are happening in Sam's life, and the car winds up being an Autobot, and he's thrown into the middle of a billion year old struggle in war with the girl that he's in love with, so er, just an ordinary guy in an extraordinary circumstance.

What are the different types of robots in the film?

A Transformer is a [scentied] being, it's an alien, er from er, a planet called Cybertron and they've taken their war down to us, the Autobots are the good guys, headed up by Optimus Prime, the Decepticons are the bad guys headed up by Megatron, and er that's the basic gist of what they are, they can take on any form of any type of technology, they land in, when they're in comic form, when they're balled up like that they can scan any type of technology, any type of metallic device and become that, whether it's a fax machine or a cell phone or a car or a tank or a plane, any of that.

How would you describe Michael Bay?

Intensity, adrenaline, er, supreme focus, the dude's a perfectionist and a really cool guy.

Who did you most enjoy working with?

Voight, Turturro you know, consummate actors, incredible, Bernie Mack is hysterical, Tyrese and Dumel, all the stuff works with them in the copter and all their boys, it's really cool, the camaraderie they have, Anthony Anderson's hysterical, Rachael's awesome, it's just a good cast man, a bunch of different actors from different schools and different ways of doing the craft.

What did you think of Megan Fox?

The first time I saw her was in a cast screening and we were going nuts...

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