411 – Between The Sheets

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Album Review by EDF

The 411 are a new British girl group and yes they are marketed as being sexy. I am not saying that they are not but when was it the last time you saw a less attractive girl group? The first track on this album is also the first single to be released. ON MY KNEES is one of those rare tracks that is memorable for no reason at all and the second song, coincidently the second single, TEARDROPS is one of the best mid-tempo pop R&B tracks that you will hear this year. CHINA GIRL is not a cover of the David Bowie track although that would things a lot more interesting. Instead this slow track has to thank the oriental like arrangement that lifts the track from above average.

DUMB and CHANCE are funky enough songs to get the party going but the violent subject recalled in MY FRIEND will have all the party guests making their excuses to leave. BETWEEN THE SHEETS, things do not get any better as this gets about as romantic as an argument, which is kind of ironic as they have recorded a song called I DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT. The social conscience of WHAT IF IT WAS YOU? brings back scary memories of Phil Collins’ ‘Another Day In Paradise’ and is equally as enjoyable. Even the happy reggae flavoured “JUMPIN” is not enough to save the second half of this album. CAN’T FIGHT LOVE does its best to end the album on a positive note but by that stage, you are glad that the album is over. BETWEEN THE SHEETS starts off well but loses its way before the album ends.

3 stars