A – Teen Dance Ordinance

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

After the excellent HI-FI SERIOUS album and the rallying call of songs like NOTHING, A disappeared off the map for a while, partly as a result of the customary record label hell – but now their fourth album sees the light of day and picks up where the last left off.

Still trading in mosh-friendly riffs and singalong catchy melodies, TEEN DANCE ORDINANCE once again sees A treading that fine line between chart success and rock credibility. Opener RUSH SONG is out of the blocks like the Foo Fighters riding bucking broncos, but then it’s followed by BETTER OFF WITH HIM, a song that sounds about as “underground” as McFly.

Still, when the songs come together as well as the frantic but tuneful SOMEONE ELSE or the breezy pop of HEY, it seems unfair to criticise – just give in to the fun. Jason Perry sounds wired like his almost-namesake Perry Farrell here – the Sting comparisons only rear up occasionally – and that certainly helps. As does the beefed-up production from Terry Date, whose previous clients Deftones, Pantera and Soundgarden know a thing or two about bone-crunching guitar work.

Those of you who loved HI-FI SERIOUS will love this too; the rest of you will still find plenty to entertain you.

4 stars