ACDC – Stiff Upper Lip

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Album Review by EDF

AC/DC have now been on the go for more than 25 years and judging by this album, there are no signs of them slowing down. Let’s look at the facts. Five years after the release of HIGH VOLTAGE their lead singer Bon Scott dies from, well, how do you put it, partying so much that he was left in the back of a car to recover and found dead the following day. This would have been enough to finish any band off. Not AC/DC. The music for their next album was already recorded. Enter sound alike Brian Johnson and the release was BACK IN BLACK.

Twenty years on comes a new album and a new record deal with EMI. Unlike their two studio albums from the nineties, this set of songs is their strongest for ages. With George Young producing, the sound and attitude is back where it belongs. Even though some tracks are what you would expect from AC/DC, there is a feeling that they are trying their best to impress someone. For anyone who is remotely interested in them, this should not put you off. This album is enjoyable.

Tracks like CAN’T STAND STILL could have easily come from the Bon Scott era while GIVE IT UP and SAFE IN NEW YORK CITY the band actually sounds like they’re having fun. And why shouldn’t they. They’ve got the money, loyal fans and a street named after them in Madrid. Not bad for a band whose real celebrity is a middle aged man who dresses up as a schoolboy. Very few people can get away with it these days.

5 stars