Addam Solo – Memoirs

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Music Review by Natalie Homer

I could try and explain how well ADDAM SOLO sings; that his clean trill vocal reminds me of TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY; MICHAEL JACKSON even and that he sings with the soulfulness of someone who knows loss and isn’t afraid of his feelings but I think he says it best:

“At the beginning, when everything was just a dream, I really did not have a concept of what my music could be classified as. Somewhere during the hundreds of rough songs I did, I sort of just combined pop and soul, and started to call it PopSoul. I sort of fought with the idea of being R&B, but there are so many other great R&B artists; I did not want my music to sound like anyone else out there, and I dug into the deepest parts of my soul to find the music that was true to me.”

A fresh-faced new comer from Baltimore, Maryland his new album titled “MEMOIRS” is released February 23rd on SOLOLEGENDARY PRODUCTIONS L.L.C/INgroove and it’s worth giving it a little listen because I think you’ll like it.

I have just listened to a 3 track demo JUST HEARTLESS, DECEIVED and MISS YOU into which Addam has very obviously (as he says): ” poured more than just heart and soul …, I forged it from the very burning flames of emotion.”

“JUST HEARTLESS” describing a state of emotional void; the self explanatory DECEIVED and MISS YOU, a song about death, loss and regret. Haunting? Yes and no. Addam’s clear voice together with the upbeat tempo, the inventive fusion of ‘PopSoul’ ends up more like the sound of a person purging; that better times lie ahead. I certainly hope so.

4 stars