Various – Ain’t No Part O’ Nothin’

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Album Review by EDF

A release from Great Wind Records based in Tennessee, USA, James Shouse has assembled an exciting group of musicians, who sound as if they enjoyed recording this, to produce a lively album. AIN’T NO PART O’ NOTHIN’ is apparently a phrase that has been quoted upon hearing non-traditional bluegrass music.

Monty McClanahan who features here on guitar has written most of the tracks. Starting with JUST AROUND THE BEND, a Banjo driven track about “what goes around, will come around the bend”. WILD BILL JONES is all about the evil doings and inevitable conclusion of Bill Jones. COOL AUTUMN MORNING describes waking up on the morning in question and just lazing around in bed with your woman. WHERE THE DEEP RIVERS BEND, about an old love, is one of those ballads where that emotion gets to you and featuring on this and most of the other tracks is the soulful fiddle playing from the late Randy Howard. WALK AWAY is a lively affair that would bring anybody out of a state of depression.

While Country Music and especially Bluegrass might not be to everybody’s taste, this album is quite easy to enjoy and not annoying enough to take off. These musicians have their own way of sounding less Bluegrass than others and all the while making this an enjoyable listening experience.

5 stars