Alex Gomez – Always Never

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Album Review by EDF

The Delta blues seem to reach its peak during the early part of the seventies where a water-downed version once wowed audiences. The last big artists that showed flashes of this form of blues were the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn and early ZZ Top. During the mid 80’s, a duo called Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper introduced their stripped down sound of guitar and washboard. Songs about sex, love, drugs and making it as a musician were the subjects often visited.

These themes are revisited in the 21st century by Alex Gomez and the only difference now is that Gomez has no other musician backing him or his amp, which goes up all the way to 11. While his songs are not in the same commercial league as The White Stripes, he does keep the listener’s attention with his fascinating guitar playing. With a raspy voice that sounds like he has seen and done it all, if you like your blues to sound raw and dirty, then Alex Gomez is just the ticket.

5 stars