Alex Lloyd – Black The Sun

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Album Review by EDF

Australian born Alex Lloyd debut album is a hidden gem and a treat for any music lover.

Able to write decent lyrics and tunes, here is an album full of tracks that throws in production effects like the kind that would be found on any Beck album. From the memorable track SOMETHING SPECIAL “All I ever wanted was love” chorus to the felling of hopelessness in DESERT where the chorus offers hope “It will change washing all of my blues away”.

Frightening, Alex’s voice sounds just like Peter Gabriel on SNOW and MY WAY HOME. LUCKY STAR was written while Alex was out in L.A. He made friends in Hollywood and this song captures the surreal lives of celebrities through the eyes of someone who feels more of an observer than a participant. Listen out for the surprise ending.

FARAWAY observes how irreverent television as he watches and tries “to find a piece of you in someone”.

The 13 tracks are refreshing and considering it took Alex a total of two years to come up with the album, he should be very happy with the results. Co-produced with Ed Buller, ex Psychedelic Furs, there initially were a few arguments but once that got sorted out, we have got here an enjoyable album that gets better with each play you give it.

5 stars