Alice Cooper – Brutal Planet

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Alice is definitely on form with his latest album. True it takes a couple of plays to get into it, but his is really an album you need to listen to and I mean listen to the lyrics. They’re a clever comment on elements of life or rather an attempt to get into the minds of different people’s wants, needs and desires.

I’m not going to try and analyse each one here because that would give the impression this is an incredibly serious album. Ultimately this is an album to be enjoyed and as the lyrics of one tracks says, ‘Welcome to my nightmare, no more mister nice guy’, a clever reflection on Alice’s past and maybe his musical future?

Anything would be difficult to follow up his incredible THE LAST TEMPTATION but BRUTAL PLANET does it well and I for one as an ‘Alice’ fan from the beginning look forward to as much music that ‘Alice Cooper’ can bring us in the future.

5 stars