Alpha Kilo – Few And Far Between

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Album Review by EDF

Alpha Kilo is a four-piece band based in New York. They grew up influenced by a number of genres but their music is rooted in rock. Encompassing a mix of the Doves, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead with lyrics Robert Smith would feel at home with, Alpha Kilo’s five-track release FEW AND FAR BETWEEN is a good start for this promising band.

Kicking off with BEAUTIFUL BRUISE, this is one man’s obsession with the woman he loves and his weakness for her. EVANGELINE is a character that has a lot going through her mind and doesn’t seem able to resolve her problems. The lull of acoustic guitar and a wailing guitar begins the bittersweet tale of NINA who would do anything to relieve the emptiness of her life.

You will notice that these guys know how to structure their songs well with melodramatic riffs similar to the early albums from the US group Live. There is also a sense that this band like performing live and sound tight. Forever lining up gigs in the New York area, it would be hard for this lot not to find a loyal following.

5 stars