Alpha Rays – Sometimes

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Music Review by Natalie Homer

I remember the thrill of hearing SUEDE in the early 90s and not knowing exactly why I liked them so much until I saw a documentary where DAVID BOWIE comes to watch one of their shows from the sidelines and in particular listen to the voice of a man (BRET ANDERSON) who sounded just like him. It was incredible.

It appears that voice has reincarnated once again through Mark Harrison – lead vocals and guitar in ALPHA RAYS and along with this distinctive voice, which you simply can’t fake, comes an Avant Garde approach to lyrics that lend a rare poetic and intellectual depth.

ALPHA RAYS offer glitter rock for the new decade; an effete, sophisticated version of a moment in time (when psychedelic folk met glam), that reinstates the convention of British pop/rock as mystique.

Together with Miro Miro – bass and keyboards, David Butcher – drums and percussion, they deliver a sweeping, guitar-heavy sound that is darkly sensual, sexually ambiguous, melodic and unabashedly ambitious.

4 stars