Amateur God – Near Life Experience

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Album Review by EDF

Blaz Erzetic is Amateur God, an ambient techno musician from Slovenia. While images of mad dance beats might come to mind, Amateur God is not what most people would expect. Instead this whole album resembles something not unlike walking into a room full of Goths listening to their version of ambient music.

Some of the tracks will remind listeners of eighties teen horror or sci-fi movies where the hero would go exploring dark corridors, out to destroy all that is evil. Maybe Blaz is looking to get noticed to score instrumentals for movies as he brings across a sense of underlining melody and hooks mixed with suspenseful chords. In fact, you would expect the next track to have a thumping beat just to see if Amateur God can deliver the goods. Unfortunately, the album rarely goes beyond second gear, which is a shame, as I would really like to hear Amateur God go hell for leather.4 stars