Andreas Johnson – Glorious

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Andreas Johnson, the latest hotly-tipped singer songwriter to step up and take the trendy musician crown.

GLORIOUS is his debut single and it has already found its way onto the playlists of Radio 1, Virgin and XFM. It is an epic sweep of strings and guitars, with a mildly electronic backing. Andreas’ voice is a bit rough around the edges, and although he seems to be singing flat in places, he also manages to swoop up to the high notes for the chorus. The overall effect is not unlike Echo and the Bunnymen.

Track two, SUBMERGED, is heavier, with some nice post-punk drumming and “The Bends”-era Radiohead guitars, although it proves more of a strain on his voice, while the third song, “Honey Drops” uses the lush production to deliver a pretty but fairly non-descript ballad. Unfortunately it only serves to further show the limitations of his voice – it is much better to suited to being belted out over a rousing guitar anthem like GLORIOUS.

Given that this is a debut release, it’s pretty good. The song is catchy and the production gives it a quality feel. With a debut album LIEBLING on the way later this year, Andreas Johnson is undoubtedly going to be a face to watch.

4 stars