Andrew’s Avenue – Andrew’s Avenue

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Album Review by Natalie Homer

Based out of Lincoln, Nebraska, friends and family come together to form four-piece jam rock band, ANDREW’S AVENUE. Barely out of college, the boys are veterans of the live rock circuit with over 70 shows and counting since they formed in 2007. It’s not without good reason. Aaron (bass &vocals) and Jason (drums) Elliott, Adam Boomer (guitar) and Steve Patton (keys) are indeed talented jam merchants serving up the funkiest of feasts that would not sound out of place at Nashville’s Bonnaroo.

Less commercial than JAMIROQUAI and much looser, with touches of PAT METHENY, RETURN TO FOREVER and WEATHER REPORT, this is free funk, jazz-fusion, psychedelic and very palatable. Every song has a different texture which is refreshing for such a new band. Aaron has a clean almost choirboy-like voice; gentle, nothing is overdone. The whole album is pure musicianship.

Absolutely love the story behind track three, STORY OF ANDREW – I hate to throw in more comparisons but I detect a soupcon of British invasion bands as far back as THE BEATLES and KINKS at this point. It really works for me. The more I listen to it the more I like it.

This is high quality, fun and creative fusion mixed with some of the best qualities of bop, jazz, funk and rock.

5 stars