Aphex Twin

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Why DRUKQS [album title]?

It’s up to everyone to make their own interpretation

So rumours of your retirement were greatly exaggerated? What made you change your mind?

The old mind was getting really slow and dull so I thought I’d get a new one

What have you been doing since WINDOWLICKER was released?

Playing around with human embryos that myself and my girlfriend made, before it’s illegal

Where/when was the album recorded?

All over the place travelling, in some bank vaults and in the bath

Is all the material new?

It’s the newest music available. Actually its a compilation of all the fake Aphex tracks found on the world.wide.wank, I didn’t write any of them

Will there be any singles?

Yes tomorrow, limited to 1 copy on my hard disk, my friend bought it on EBay which I think is on the internet

The tracks have very bizarre titles, what do they mean?


Have you worked with anyone else on this album?

Yeah, at the beginning of 1997 I adopted 3 goats on my farm in Scotland and taught them how to write music, I upgraded one of the goats at the end of 98′ with a hoof mod and it’s fucking serious man/woman

Are there going to be any more collaborations with yourself and Chris Cunningham?

Well I think Chris is too skinny at the moment and I can’t bear working with skeletons so, he has to put on a considerable amount of weight on first

Where did you get the idea for the cover?

While I was DJing at the next rephlex party at 93ft east club end of August 2001.

Have you been listening to lots of classical music? Is this a sign that you’re mellowing in your old age?

I have actually gone deaf from DJing and so I can’t listen to any music at all, I’m totally gutted, have learnt how to lip read and I can still mix records by smelling the grooves

What is your dru(g)kq of choice?

What does dru(g)kq mean, I don’t understand the question, sorry

Are you planning any live shows? What surprises have you got instore?

Well I’m playing on the national lottery in December as they offered me the rollover if nobody won it that week, seriously!

Napster, do you have an opinion on them?

Well I should do, I actually wrote the code for the precursor to Napster and that bloke nicked it off me, I’m not bitter though, I’ve managed to download my entire catalogue off it when it worked, saved myself £’s

Is it true that you’ve written music for adverts under loads of different pseudonyms, can u give ?

Yes and other releases, stockhausen, mozart, xenakis, squarepusher, painjerk, parmigiani to name a few

“We’d only ban someone for being boring”…What is the most boring record ever made, in your opinion?

drukqs by eric satie

What is the relationship between Warp and Rephlex?

You don’t wanna know man it’s fucking bad

It is widely known that Radiohead’s Kid A was widely influenced by your music, in particular ‘Come As you Are’…What do you think of their new stuff and other contemporaries?

Well they widely agreed to pay me 70% of the widely royalties so, I’m not complaining

In a recent interview, Grant (Rephlex) pointed out that there are 5 missing records in the Rephlex catalogue…mostly yours…will you ever release them?

Yes, next week, who’s Grant?

Do you remember life before the internet?

I haven’t actually gone online yet, is it any good? Who are you anyway?

What is your favourite gadget?

Oh it would have to be this endoscope I got from LOOT a couple of years ago, it had had a fair bit of use mind you but its a one off model which can go inside your brain via your nostrils and tickle different regions of your body automatically, its got a USB connection and came bundled with some MAC software, its got a neuro receiver on one bit which can directly pick up various thoughts and signals that happen to be flying around whatever region you happen to be poking, it’s so cool man

What criterion do you have for releasing someone’s records?

Well it’s usually based on sexual favours ‘n’ stuff best not to go there

You were once quoted as saying you weren’t recording any new material cos you were ‘sick of being ripped off’…who have you ripped off?

I’ve never got sick of being sucked off, don’t know what you’re on about, what’s your name, you’re weird?