Aphex Twin – Cock 10


Album Review by Mark Bayross

Richard D James continues his journey into his paranoid-robo-underworld with this remixed release as a fascinating taster for his forthcoming DRUKQS double album.

All the Aphex subtleties are present and correct – malfunctioning electronics, pounding industrial beats, swearing… On the flipside, the “Argonaut Mix” of 54 CYMRU BEATS is a stunning barrage of Space Invaders-go-techno breakbeats. Both tracks would sit squarely alongside the IDM of bands like Download or Haujobb and both appear in their original form on the album, making it look very promising indeed.

Incidentally, this arrived at PHASE9 on 12” vinyl (in ultra-cool-minimalist black), so the make-up of the commercial single release, if there is one, is anybody’s guess.

5 stars