Appogee – Unconscious Ruckus

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Album Review by EDF

Appogee aka Jay Skinner can be best described as an electro musician based in L.A. Skinner already has a head start with his music career even though this release is his debut album under the Appogee name. Having studied sound recording technology in his native Texas, Skinner realised that he needed to move to L.A. to get his music career off the ground. Since the move to sunny California, he has scored for TV commercials and two movies – THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES and RULES OF ATTRACTION. Regardless of this, UNCONSCIOUS RUCKUS is an album that showcases a mix of electro and guitars that at times struggles to keep the listeners attention.

Y ILLUMINATIVE is a fusion of pleasant drum programming and acoustic guitar that is cinematic in scope. CREEPER and CORAL take their time to build up and just when each track seems to be taking off, it slows down and builds up again. I’M YOURS is at best a chill out track where each individual sound somehow contributes to the overall mood of the piece. You can hear the influence of groups such as The Aphex Twins on KDDR MOV.2 and is surprisingly the most accessible track on the album. KDDR MOV.3 is a mixed instrumental piece that sounds more planned out than some of the other tracks on the album. Overall this comes across as a somewhat experimental album, showcasing what Skinner is capable of.

4 stars