Aqualung – Strange And Beautiful

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

I approached writing the review of this album with a completely open mind. As I looked at the cover a doubt entered my thoughts, the CD sleeve is a sort of pencil sketch of a man as if viewed with slight double vision, it doesn’t make much of an impression but there is plenty of excellent music with lousy artwork.

The first track started – not good – I continued to play the album. Waiting for…something to like. But eleven tracks later sounded like the same track, over and over with only minor differences. It sounded like a whine – this whining noise with a whining voice coming through the speakers.

To say I hated this album is an understatement. I apologise in advance to those who like this sort of lifeless music. I’m sure it’s an acquired taste and the lyrics might be very meaningful buy I just couldn’t stand to listen in the depth.

For those with that aforementioned acquired taste – enjoy – but for everyone else grab the sick bag.

zero stars