Arctic Monkeys – Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys

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EP Review by Mark Bayross

Ooooh, sweary! They are cheeky chappies aren’t they, those Arctic Monkeys? Hot on the heels of their much hyped and justifiably lauded debut album, not to mention widespread music press adulation, comes this stop-gap EP. Rather than cash in endlessly on WHATEVER YOU SAY I AM… they have taken the trouble to write some new songs to accompany album opener THE VIEW FROM THE AFTERNOON.

The new songs, besides the title track, include a redone CIGARETTE SMOKER FIONA alongside the mellow, wistful DESPAIR IN THE DEPARTURE LOUNGE and NO BUSES, where the Monkeys’ George Formby obsession comes more to the fore. It’s more of the same, really, but that’s no bad thing with these smart ass scallies.

”Bring on the backlash!” indeed…

5 stars