Ari Hest – Someone To Tell

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Album Review by EDF

Hailing from the Bronx, New York, Ari Hest has proven that perseverance at doing what you love will eventually reap its own rewards. 2003 saw the release of his own STORY AFTER STORY album and after a lot of gigs supporting the album, Hest was noticed and signed up to Columbia Records. The results have finally shown fruition with this debut album for the label but how does SOMEONE TO TELL compare to his previous album?

Those that have followed Hest from the beginning will be kind of disappointed with his SOMEONE TO TELL release. Some of the tracks that featured on the STORY AFTER STORY album have been re-recorded for this new one, so some fans will feel short changed. Even though the album does rock in a safe non-threatening way, it does have an American feel to it that might not translate well outside the States. For those who are approaching Hest for the first time, they will actually enjoy this album. His slightly husky voice adds that extra bit of emotion that lifts this album up from being just average. Luckily, he can also write decent songs as well and with a reputation of being a great live performer, the future is sure looking good for Hest.

4 stars