Ash – Shining Light

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Incredible as it is, it’s been nearly two years since fantabulous four-piece Ash released a single. Having completed a recent tour of the UK’s less cavernous venues, chosen by the fans of course, they are ready to release their long-awaited follow-up to “Nu-clear Sounds”. First off, we have this, the comeback single.

Mixed by Alan Moulder, SHINING LIGHT is a euphoric blast of guitar pop perfection that jumps out of the speakers, grinning from ear-to-ear. It’s got “hit” written all over it and is a tremendous return to form.

CD1 comes backed with new song GABRIEL, a thunderous cacophony of feedback that’s as exciting as it is noisy, and WARMER THAN JESUS, the song co-written with Little Hell that has only been available on the Internet (and on dodgy bootlegs) up till now.

CD2 has another newie, FEEL NO PAIN, along with a remix of JESUS SAYS by Hedrock Valley Beats and the video for SHINING LIGHT.

You can download the single off the Internet before it hits the shops on 22 January, but I’d recommend shelling out for the CD single(s), not only for the superb extra tracks, but the also for the wonderful flip-out packaging.

5 stars