Ash – Tokyo Blitz

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DVD Album Review by EDF

The first official DVD release from Ash finds the band performing live in front of their Japanese fans. Seems a strange place to create a strong fan base but why not, because judging from the fans reaction, this could have easily been filmed elsewhere like Europe or the States.

The main content of the disc is a blistering 68-minute performance recorded at the Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo in 2001. It seems that the band has built up a strong, loyal following in the Far East and the crowds reaction to the songs in their set is at times fantastic as they recognise each track. The bands energy does not let up during the 18 tracks featured and the fans love every minute of it. Shot in widescreen, it seems that a lot of care has gone into the visual presentation and the sound itself is mixed to 5.1 Digital. Those looking to have a document of their favourite band should include this into your collection.

Not only is the concert great, so are the special features. Anyone who has been collecting the DVD singles released from FREE ALL ANGELS will have a fair idea what to expect. For those that don’t, the band have a tendency to go around the place with hand held cameras shooting everything that happens. We find the band doing press interviews; we follow Charlotte shopping, which thankfully is only a couple of minutes. There is an Episode 5 continuing on from the 4 DVD singles released entitled Back From The Edge that is funny to watch. Each member of the band also give us their personal thoughts and we follow a couple of fans around as well which rounds off nicely with a short After The Gig segment.

Funnily enough, most of their fans featured are women and they do like to rock to ASH.

6 stars