Asura – Lost Eden

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Album Review by EDF

No matter what musical equipment bands use to produce music, you usually find some of the sounds and ideas are usually influenced by other groups. Take the French band Asura who have now released their second album, LOST EDEN. The best way to sum up their music is that at best they are an electro chill-out group. Founding member Charles Farewell has put together an album full of songs that are part Moby, part FSOL and more importantly melodies that push most of the tracks forward.

From the opening title track, LOST EDEN welcomes us with a wall of synthesised chords and foreign vocals. RAINDUST is a glorious chilled track featuring the sort of soulful vocal samples that Moby is famous for. LAND OF FREEDOM has a haunting Celtic feel while the nine minute plus REQUIEM FROM NOWHERE and THE BATTLE OF DEVAS both build up from their minimalist start to a chord laden finale. An album that features two tracks that touch on the ten minute mark, you will be feel rewarded or frustrated by this album.

4 stars