Autocad Pantheist Audio – Blue Note

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EP Review by EDF

Autocad / Pantheist Audio’s music is quite unique. On BLUE NOTE they incorporate a fusion of Electro, Jazz, Funk and the bizarre, Autocad / Pantheist Audio has such a unique sound that very few have even attempted this sort of style.

REPLICANT COLONY’s Industrial sound makes this track sound like something from the TERMINATOR movies. This sort of track is a showcase that has brought them commissioning work for various projects including a couple of movie soundtracks.

DOCK TO DOCK 2001, with their melodic hook-lines and thumping dance beats, proves that Autocad / Pantheist Audio are a very versatile band. They should be as they have been around for over 20 years and have written over 300 songs. The band uses “natural or mathematical data to generate music.”

5 stars