Baby Jane Hudson – Marbles Made Like Lemonade

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Album Review by EDF

Coming straight out of Texas but with a lead singer who surprisingly sounds a bit like Delores O’Riordan from the Irish group The Cranberries, this is where any comparisons stop with this four-piece girl group. Baby Jane Hudson has a rock sound with a little bit of funk added that gives them a slight edge, if not a more interesting and compelling sound even though they will always be rooted in the alternative rock category.

SLITHER and FRINGE both feature a guitar hook that proves that these girls can play well together. IDOL looks at what happens when you worship a famous person and the thought process behind it when you do not have the right body shape to copy that person. RIGHT TIME deals with the next step in a relationship, HAPPINESS looks back on one and DRIVE is getting over a relationship.

While these three songs could be looked on as a trilogy of sorts, I applaud the group if that was their intention while compiling the album’s running order. TASTE IT relishes in the start of a passionate love affair. HEATHEN deals with teenage angst while HOW WAS YOUR DAY? is a waking of sorts to the monotonous routine of small town life. There is an extra track at the end of the CD which shows that Baby Jane Hudson does not need to rely on the same style that preceded this track. With this track tagged on, you know that they have a lot more to offer.

4 stars