Badly Drawn Boy – Disillusion

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

DISILLUSION is taken from the highly-acclaimed Badly Drawn Boy (AKA Damon Gough) debut album THE HOUR OF BEWILDERBEAST.

Backed by fellow Mancunians Doves, Gough’s fey vocals and indie guitar carry an upbeat and infuriatingly catchy tune…that’s a “Wake Up Boo!”-level of infuriating catchiness. You’ll be trying to erase it from your mind for weeks afterwards.

As we’re talking about Badly Drawn Boy here, the additional tracks are typically eclectic. BOTTLE OF TEARS is a jaunty skiffle knees-up, while WRECKING THE STAGE is a fairly self-descriptive Sonic Youth-style feedback-and-drums romp.

Also of note is the video, directed by Hammer & Tongs (who did Blur’s ‘Coffee & TV’ and Supergrass’ ‘Pumping On Your Stereo’), as it features Mr Gough running around the streets of New York, impersonating a yellow taxi cab. I kid you not.

Nothing if not original, Our Damon.

4 stars