Bad News – Bad News

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Album Review by EDF

Before The Darkness, there was Bad News and the news was bad. In fact this “classic” rock band have been rediscovered and if we are lucky, they will not be touring to support this reissue. 1983 was the year the world received Bad News and for the next few years no one, including the band, knew what they were going to do next. This four piece consisted of lead everything Vim Fuego, bass guitarist Colin Grigson, rhythm guitarist Den Dennis and drummer Spyder Webb and we learn by the second track that foul-mouthed Vim has an angry persona.

Songs like the WARRIORS OF GHENGIS KHAN with its sitar solo and sounds of attacking armies and the bickering mess that is EXCALIBUR shows the group at the top of the creative muddle pile. Of course their most famous song, a cover of Queen’s BOHEMAIN RHAPSODY is included here and will be best remembered for how they attempted to improve on the original. As if this were not enough for the band, contract disputes, THE CONTRACT highlights that all is not well within the group.

BAD NEWS sounds like Brian May had a hand in the production, while PRETTY WOMAN should inspire any budding rock guitarist to attempt a better version then this. In fact, I’ll let you in on the secret, Bad News are actually Adrian Edmonson, Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer and Peter Richardson from the COMIC STRIP PRESENTS. It is their attempt in creating a Spinal Tap type group but at times descends into Derek And Clive territory. Unlike Derek And Clive, the joke wears thin with each listen.

2 stars