b.d.t. – The Chameleon Voice


Album Review by EDF

b.d.t. is Brian Tell, poet, musician and freelance writer from Ypsilanti, Michigan. THE CHAMELEON VOICE is unique in such a way; poetry meets music with ease at a crossroads of different styles. A few years ago, MURRAY LACHLAN YOUNG, an English poet, attempted a similar type of release but failed to ignite the audiences’ imagination. Here, Brian Tell succeeds and that is only because as a musician himself, he knows what his work requires. What makes Brian Tell unique as well is that he has a BA in Philosophy and a MA in English.

Tracks such as A SLOW DARK WAVE and SMALL GEOMETRIES showcases his observations of life around him with a mesmerising musical accompaniment. WATERSHED is the sort of track that could easily be given airplay on most radio stations. Starting off sounding like an outtake from PINK FLOYD, the track ends with a folk style violin solo. IS/WAS/IS features a slow groove beat and hypnotic vocal recitation with a funky guitar solo thrown in for good measure. Also included on the album is BUDDHA’S DAGGER, a poem that was a runner-up in a national poetry contest.

The interesting thing about this release is how easy it is to get into it’s style and structure and this is due mostly to Brian Tell’s musicianship as he plays up to six musical instruments, not including handclapping. Judging by the acoustic guitar playing at the start of the AMERICAN TEA CEREMONY, it is no surprise that Brian Tell also holds music workshops. The fact that this is his second CD release, the first one, EUREKA! was released in 1999, proves that Brian Tell is doing something right.

For anyone who likes to experience something different, this album can be played in years to come without embarrassment.

5 stars